The Report Back Summary on Attending the ICCCAD Adaptation Course in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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ICCCADreportimageBy Maggy Machumele

Earlier this year the Durban Adaptation (DAC) signatories were requested to submit their expressions of interest to secure a funded scholarship to attend the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) adaptation course in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ms. Maggy Machumele of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality, South Africa, was successful in her application and attended this course. Ms. Machumele has since provided an account of her experience: 

“The Greater Tzaneen Municipality comprises both rural and urban areas. Its main economic driver is agriculture, followed by tourism. The course gave me insight as to how climate change will affect our region, in terms of: extreme weather events damaging infrastructure; crop failure and food security impacts; and the exacerbation of water-borne and other vector diseases (e.g. malaria, which was once a problem in the region). The course also enhanced my capacity to conduct a stakeholder analysis to select relevant stakeholders. It has equipped me with the necessary skills to conduct impact and vulnerability assessments with the Greater Tzaneen Municipality (in line with DAC requirements). It has also increased my capacity to develop local adaptation strategies, and to become a resource for the municipality with regard to climate change adaptation knowledge. DAC requirements could be further met as I would be better able to develop adaptation strategies suitable to the area, and ensure that IDP projects are climate-smart. I could assist in integrating adaptation plans into spatial planning, town establishment and infrastructure development initiatives. I could also facilitate the assessment and rehabilitation of wetlands to ensure functioning ecosystems. The programme laid a foundation for the development of a network within the SADC region, and highlighted areas in extant planning tools (e.g. IDP) wherein climate adaptation can be integrated.”

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