The Green Climate Fund

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The Green Climate Fund was adopted as a financial mechanism of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) at the end of 2011. It aims to make an ambitious contribution to attaining both the mitigation and adaptation goals of the international community. The Fund supports projects, programmes, policies and other activities such as capacity building, in all developing country parties to the UNFCCC. Countries will also receive support for project-based and programmatic approaches in accordance with strategies and plans (such as low-emission development strategies, Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions, National Adaptation Plans of Action, National Adaptation Plans and others).

Proposals for funding can be submitted through National Designated Authorities (NDAs). An NDA is a representative entity from each recipient country that acts as the core interface between a developing country and the Fund. Proposals are submitted through these NDAs, ensuring that investments are aligned with local needs and existing climate change planning. For more information, visit the Green Climate Fund website.

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