Short Course on Managing Risk in the Face of Climate Change

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The Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) invites applications for its intensive course on Managing Risk in the Face of Climate Change from 3 April 2017 until 14 April 2017 in Thailand. This course is organised in cooperation with the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre.

This training programme is designed for managers, policy makers, specialists and researchers who are professionally involved in the management of risks and hazards and climate change. They may work in public and civic society sectors, for universities, national research or development programmes, for government organisations or NGOs. Participants need to have at least have three years of professional experience and proficiency in English is required.

Online Applications are now open and will close 20 February 2017, for more information visit The Wageningen UR website. Applicants requiring funding should seek funding from the suggested fellowships funding options provided on The Wageningen website.

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